Are you DTF? {Down to fistpump}

Heyyo. I'm Shivani. From Queens, New York.
I kinda... really... love pro wrestling.
Always will be a fan of Zack Ryder, but I also support Rhodes, Bryan, and The Shield.
Yes, I do BO-lieve.
Twitter: @killinmeryder
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There’s no heat like “Granny-taking-a-swing-at-you Heat.”


There’s no heat like “Granny-taking-a-swing-at-you Heat.”

Drew McIntyre, he is my best friend in the business. We always go together, he goes to my house in Florida all the time, he was the best man at my wedding; but he is my best friend. - Alberto Del Rio



John Cena sings Cody Rhodes’ Theme Song

I feel u john

I feel u

That entrance theme is my jam!


Cena be their guilty pleasure… Like…




I’ll take 5 shirts and a pair of light up sneakers….*RUNS!*

history’s full of people like you, seth. everyone in this building knows someone like you, seth.