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Heyyo. I'm Shivani. From Queens, New York.
I kinda... really... love pro wrestling.
Always will be a fan of Zack Ryder, but I also support Rhodes, Bryan, and The Shield.
Yes, I do BO-lieve.
Twitter: @killinmeryder
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“If I remember correctly, it was a little girl, maybe 8 to 10 years old. I was walking down and I was going to talk from the crowd, so I was walking halfway down [the stands] and right as I get to the spot that I wanted to talk from, I just feel these little arms wrap around me, down near my sternum. I almost broke character. [I got] the biggest smile and started laughing. I think they may have cut away and went to the ring, but it was the cutest thing ever.”



Special August 20th, 2014

For those who couldn’t watch it

when you smell your mom’s cooking


People are calling Seth cocky, arrogant, a jerk, etc.

But he might not be where he is right now without having the attitude that he has.

So because of that, I’m extremely grateful that Seth knows that he’s the shit.

I love that he’s not afraid to think and say that. 


From developmental to superstars

“I never thought I was a bad person. I just thought I was the one good person living in a world of bad people.”

Dean Ambrose, “Journey to Summerslam with The Shield” (via icouldnotbelucy)

AWW Poor thing .He must have seem a lot of awful things .

(via nerdysuccess)


Dean Ambrose’s new album looks great.


SO. I’m gonna watch that documentary a couple more times today. and tomorrow. and next week. next month. next year. all the way until my death bed. Yep.